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The music duo Siria is composed of singer Natalie Horler, better known as Cascada, and DJ Manian, known both for his solo work as well as his work within Cascada. The Siria project has had two singles released into the German and Canadian markets featuring the vocals of Natalie Horler. On July 3, 2008, a cover of Mylène Farmer's song Desenchantee was released by Zooland Records featuring a new vocalist.


"Endless Summer"[edit]

"Endless Summer" was released as the first single of the Siria project,. When it was first released to DJ's in December 2004, it introduced the music style that would prove very successful for the Cascada project with Everytime We Touch in 2005. Initially, fans of Cascada assumed that the group had changed their name to Siria due to legal problems with the name Cascada (they had previously been called Cascade until Kaskade threatened a lawsuit), though it was soon understood that this was just a side project of Manuel Reuter (DJ Manian) and Natalie Horler, without Yanou.

"I Will Believe It"[edit]

In early 2005, Siria released "I Will Believe It" on the "Endless Summer"/"I Will Believe It" 12" single. There are two mixes of the song. The first is a Euro-Trance version, which is similar to DJ Manian and Natalie's other single Reason released by another one of their projects, Diamond. The other remix is the "Cascada Remix", which has a darker but similar style to the then-recently released Everytime We Touch. The U.S. release of the single comes with eight mixes featuring DJ Lenny B, Solar City and is available through Marian Records, Inc. The single peaked at #23 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart.

"A Never Ending Dream"[edit]

In 2006, the song was covered by German group Cascada. This song appears on their 2006 debut album, Everytime We Touch. It was the fifth single released in Germany by Cascada in 2006. It was Cascada's 4th UK single. The video for this song was released on 11 May 2007 on the music channel 'Fizz' and 'The Box'. The music video is strongly themed on Middle Eastern culture with singer Natalie Horler dancing in traditional clothing in front of backdrops like the desert, a typical harem and hammam. Despite a good top 15 position in Ireland, in the UK it charted at #46, on its first week of physical release, a big disappointment considering that all previous singles in the UK had gone top 10.


The Siria name was once again used for a new single featuring a new vocalist, a cover of French singer Mylène Farmer's hit song "Désenchantée", released by Zooland Records in Germany on July 3, 2008.


Initially, Siria's songs were commonly mislabeled as Cascada's, due to Manian's production and Horler's vocals leading to similarity in musical style. This was complicated further by the inclusion of Siria's first two singles on Cascada's second album Perfect Day.

Siria's future[edit]

With the immense success of the Cascada project worldwide, DJ Manian had announced that there were no planned Siria singles for the near future. In the United Kingdom, both Siria songs were released under the Cascada name on Cascada's second album, Perfect Day, both in slightly edited forms in 2007. Due to both songs being previously released in the United States by Marian Records under the Siria name, I Will Believe It and Endless Summer were not included on the American release of Perfect Day, which instead featured exclusives songs not initially available in any other markets. However, I Will Believe It and Endless Summer are included, under the Siria name, on the dance compilation album Max Dance 07 Volume 1.

In July 2008, the Siria name was brought back into use with the single "Desenchantee", though it does not feature Natalie Horler on vocals.

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